sabato 12 gennaio 2008

Homeopathy and Mercury-free dentistry

The uses of homeopathy in dentistry are manyfold. It is essential that the remedies used are provided by a qualified practitioner and that the remedies themselves are supplied by a bespoke manufacturer. Unfortunately, remedies from the high-street chains are can be less effective due to their lower strengths.
Homeopathic treatments in dentistry can help with fear, anxiety, surgical healing, pain, bruising and swelling. There are also remedies to help with periodontitis , teething babies, oral infection, and many other common oral conditions.
After a consultation and detailed discussion involving many aspects of the individual case history, remedies can be prescribed to treat the symptoms.Remedies are as equally effective in the old as the young and have no side effects.
Remedies are also used during mercury removal, along with other measures, to decrease the toxicity of mercury amalgam.
Mercury-free dentistry
The safety of the mercury contained within dental amalgam has been debated for many years. The use of dental amalgam is now prohibited in Sweden and Germany. Although no scientific evidence has yet conclusively proved the risk to health, it would seem sensible not to place a known poison into the mouth and leave it there for twenty years. It may also be worth noting that after placing an amalgam filling, the residual material cannot simply be disposed of in the normal bin-the residual amalgam must be disposed of in a special poisons container and then collected by a specialist removal company. The very same material that has just been placed into a person's mouth!
There are now many alternatives to the use of dental amalgam which are cosmetically superior and can be equally durable. At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic existing amalgam is removed carefully under rubber dam isolation and copious water irrigation. High-bore suction dramatically cuts down the emission of mercury vapour.
Homeopathic remedies are also used to decrease any toxicity.

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