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The relationship between oral health

Excerpt from
The relationship between oral health
and life expectancy

Many people may not understand how oral health may affect life expectancy. So the first step would be to recognise the mouth as a major gateway into the human body. It is the
upper part of the digestive system and has a structure that prepares food for the first phase of digestion.

The mouth contains the tongue, teeth, hard and soft palate, and gum, salivary glands and the mucosa.

The body has various inter-connected systems of organs. This means that if there is a problem with one part of the body, it may affect other parts. A disease of any part of the mouth
may be associated with some other organs in other parts of the body.

A person with gum infection may suffer from general body malaise and loss of appetite. A person with tooth ache may
also suffer from severe headache and earache.

Several diseases affecting the general health of the body have been linked to the health of the parts of the mouth.

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